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El patio
Elvira Diaz
2016 - France/Chili - Couleur - 82'

In the General cemetery of Santiago, Chile, the gravediggers have learnt to cohabit peacefully alongside death. Yet, under the soil, many “NN” still lie secretly – the unidentified corpses of victims of Pinochet’s repressive regime. Lelo, Perejil and Rogelio were obliged by the Junta to secretly bury hundreds of desaparecidos. For forty years, their painful memories remained untold, but as they reach their twilight years, they have chosen to share their stories with Sergio, the youngest gravedigger.

Photography : Elvira Diaz
Sound : Claudio Vargas, Boris Herrera, Andrés Carrasco
Editing : Florence Jacquet
Music : René Lagos-Diaz
Production : Cosmographe, Películas del pez, France 3 Languedoc-Roussillon