Les États généraux du film documentaire 2011 Rescreening War Shards

War Shards
Adrien Faucheux
2011 - France/Liban - Couleur - 51'

Living through a war is a trial that, at the time, modifies one's perception of reality and, later, the way one looks at life. This film is the result of a period lived in Lebanon, in particular during the July 2006 conflict. The war is evoked, internalised, anticipated, in an attempt to perceive what it could be as a phenomenon. State of War is made up of blocks, like so much shrapnel of feeling, of an experience which inevitably and always escapes comprehension.

Photography : Adrien Faucheux
Sound : Adrien Faucheux
Editing : Adrien Faucheux
Production : Zeugma films, Umam Productions
Distribution : Zeugma films (production@zeugma-films.fr, +33 (0)1 43 87 00 54)