Les États généraux du film documentaire 2017 Doc route: Lebanon Diaries of a Flying Dog

Diaries of a Flying Dog ( Yawmiat kalb ta’t )
Bassem Fayad
2014 - Liban/EAU - Couleur - 75'

One family, four generations and a dog live in a village on Mount Lebanon. How can you live a life in the middle of a war that takes on a new appearance at each instant, and goes on and on? How can you build a society, a homeland, a nation or quite simply a family under such conditions? What values can you transmit to your children? How can you heal without peace? Using a personal diary written and filmed from the beginning of the war to the announcement of the Islamic State in 2014, Bassem Fayad revisits the life at the centre of these interminable, murderous wars, with great love and courage.

Photography : Bassem Fayad
Sound : Victor Bresse
Editing : Carine Doumit, Jad Abi-Khalil
Production : Jad Abi-Khalil, Enjazz