Les États généraux du film documentaire 2010 Africa Dance to the Spirits

Dance to the Spirits
Ricardo Íscar
2009 - Espagne - Couleur - 78'

Dance to the Spirits was shot in Nsola, an Evuzok village in the south Cameroon jungle. To the Evuzok there are two kinds of diseases: the “natural” ones and the ones from the night world, caused by sorcery. This is the story of Mba Owona Pierre the ngengang, the “healer”. He’s the “anti-sorcerer”, he has a special gift and a responsibility towards his fellow villagers. During the daily life, Pierre practices his treatments and writes down his thoughts about modernity, religion or medicine. It is the portrait of an extraordinary character and a tribute to Evuzok culture.

Author : Ricardo Íscar, Daria Esteva
Photography : Ricardo Íscar
Sound : Sosthène Fokam Kamga
Editing : Raúl Cuevas, Núria Esquerra
Production : Unicamente Severo Films, Televisió de Catalunya
Distribution : Unicamente Severo Films (dariaesteva@gmail.com, +34 93 218 92 39)