Les États généraux du film documentaire 2010 Doc Route: Russia Countryside 35x45

Countryside 35x45 ( Glubinka 35x45 )
Evgueni Solomin
2009 - Russie - Noir & Blanc - 43'

Throughout the country of Russia, the old Soviet passports are being exchanged for the new Russian ones. A provincial photographer travels from one Siberian village to another, taking 35x45 mm passport photos of the villagers. Each client’s photo in a way summarizes that person’s life. Making a profound observation of the countryside life, the film unfolds as a poetic story about the world-view of people living in remote areas at the crossroads of the two juxtaposed cultures: the old Soviet and the modern Russian ones.

Photography : Vladimir Ponomaryov
Sound : Andreï Popov
Editing : Evgueni Solomin
Production : Kino-Siberia Film Production Company
Distribution : Evgueni Solomin (esolomin@ngs.ru, +7 38 33 46 45 47)