Les États généraux du film documentaire 2017 Memories of territories Couleur du temps : Berlin, août 1945

Couleur du temps : Berlin, août 1945
Jean Rouch
1988 - France - Couleur - 12'

Not much film stock, an inspired camera, a meditation on time, period songs: using contemporary images, shot at a time when the broken city was starting to heal its wounds, Jean Rouch recalls his impressions in Berlin immediately after the war. The camera pans over building facades still punctured with bullet holes. It skirts past gas stations or sinister shop windows. It furtively encounters two young women, laughing but weary, who ask for cigarettes. The sky itself, absurdly blue, seems tormented and rainy.

Thanks to the Archives françaises du film, the Comité du Film Ethnographique and the Jean Rouch estate. Print restored by the CNC

Editing : Françoise Belloux
Interpretation : Katharina Thalbach, Margit Groich, Hans Zischler
Production : Télé Images, La Sept