Les États généraux du film documentaire 2013 Doc History: Belgium Congo, terre d'eaux vives

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Congo, terre d'eaux vives
André Cauvin
1939 - Belgique - Noir & Blanc - 49'

The living waters are those of the Congo River, the vital artery of the immense Belgian colony in the heart of Africa. From the port of Matadi to the mines of Katanga, the filmmaker sails upstream, stopping here and there to celebrate the railway, the fine avenues of Leopoldville or Stanleyville, and to observe the "primitive populations". A eulogy praising the "creative genius" of Leopold II and colonisation, the film resists none of the period's clichés, especially when confronted with non-white ethnic groups. Images of a time gone by, to be (re)seen so that the existence of this state of mind can be (re)acknowledged.

Photography : André Cauvin
Sound : Jean Rieul
Editing : André Cauvin
Music : Van Hoorebeke
Distribution : Cinémathèque royale de Belgique (access@cinematek.be, +32 (0)2 551 19 03)