Les États généraux du film documentaire 2014 Fragment of a filmmaker's work: Sándor Sára Cigányok (Les Tsiganes)

Cigányok (Les Tsiganes)
Sándor Sára
1962 - Hongrie - Noir & Blanc - 17'

A film with a strong political and cinematic impact. Gypsies burst into Hungarian and international documentary in one of the first significant films to denounce their precarious living conditions with period documents. The film is punctuated by photos taken by Sándor Sára in the fifties. Gaál who carries the idea of the film, handles the camera and proposes powerful formal inventions in the image and editing. Here there is no opposition between realism and formalism!

Photography : István Gaál
Sound : Gyula Novák
Editing : István Gaál
Production : Budapest Filmstúdió : Balázs Béla Studió
(szorenyi.dorottya@mandarchiv.hu, +36 13 94 13 22 143)