Les États généraux du film documentaire 2010 An history of production Stray cats

Stray cats ( Chats errants - Zones temporaires d'inutilité )
Yaël André
2007 - Belgique/Allemagne/France - Couleur - 68'

Puzzle of elements apparently disparaged, this film shows: a guided tour of vacant lots in Brussels, Hamburg and Rome; a documentary on vagrant cats and their cat ladies; some choreography of daily gestures; an interrogation on the cartography (and common use of space); a few ironic winks to order and disorder; a realisation on the impossibility of the uselessness...

Photography : Samuel Dravet, Sébastien Koeppel, Frédéric Mainçon
Sound : Jochen Laube
Editing : Luc Plantier
Production : Cobra Films, Peter Stockhaus Film Production, RTBF
Distribution : CBA (cba@skynet.be, + 32 22 27 22 30)