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Ce que peut le lion
Olivier Pagani
2011 - Belgique/France - Couleur - 21'

This film is a documentary tale about the state of childhood. A grandfather, father and son stroll through a zoo. Three characters, three stages of life, each one having a particular relationship to childhood. The grandfather, over sixty years old, remembers that as a child he was a foreigner. The son, scarcely eighteen months old, is still unaware of his status. As for the father, he doesn't remember his childhood. So he wanders back and forth between the childhoods of his father and his son, looking for an origin, a horizon. The horizon of a common state. But, amid the animals, this enquiry quickly transforms into a tale of metamorphoses.

Photography : Cédric Corrion
Sound : Benjamin Van de Wiel
Editing : Samuel Gantier
Production : Dschubba, GSARA, CRRAV, Atelier Graphoui
Distribution : GSARA (sandra.demal@gsara.be, +32 2 250 13 10)