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Spitzer Rhapsody: In My Father's Footsteps ( Ce qu'il en reste )
Barbara Spitzer
2009 - France - Couleur et Noir & Blanc - 120'

Born of a Hungarian Jewish background, I grew up in France in a secular, politicised family. On my father's death, I decided to leave for Hungary to discover the land of my ancestors. The film follows my first steps in Budapest, my meeting with the reassembled Spitzer of Hungary. Then, down the years, the fragments of my family history mix with the history of the country and begin to form a plausible puzzle. I then had the courage to provoke the past by bringing my sister and her two daughters to our grandfather's village. At the limits of fiction, the film experiments with the forms of cinema and thought running counter traditional documentary practice in the "search for origins". Barbara Spitzer

Photography : Francisco Gozon, György Boros, Barbara Spitzer
Sound : Rudolf Varhegyi
Editing : Pierre-Oscar Lévy, Maureen Mazurek, Sophie Retter, Mária Rigo, Tamás Csázár
Production : Barbara Spitzer
Distribution : Insomnia World Sales (stephanie@insomnia-sales.com, +33 (0)1 43 58 08 04)