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Ce n'est qu'un début
Pierre Barougier, Jean-Pierre Pozzi
2009 - France - Couleur - 95'

In the Paris area, a philosophy workshop at school has been experimented with preschool children for two years. Once a month, the children exchange freely about specific issues or concepts: power, the boss, freedom, or intelligence. In the course of their involvement, they learn how to listen to each other, how to build up their speech, thus becoming a kind of “research community”. The workshop progressively becomes a moment apart, during which everyone can reflect on the other’s speech, and during which good and bad pupils are equally listened to. In a time when children need reference marks, philosophy doesn’t instill any ethics, but enables children to work it out.

Author : Cilvy Aupin, Pierre Barougier, Jean-Pierre Pozzi
Photography : Pierre Barougier, Jean-Pierre Pozzi
Sound : O. Cuinat, J. Chaumat, D. Leclerc, F. Ravalec, B. Henaf
Editing : Jean Condé
Production : Ciel de Paris Productions
Distribution : Le Pacte (p.lux@le-pacte.com, +33 (0)1 44 69 59 59)