Les États généraux du film documentaire 2015 Fragment of a filmmaker’s work: Michael Snow Breakfast (Table Top Dolly)

Breakfast (Table Top Dolly)
Michael Snow
1972-1976 - Canada - Couleur - 15'

“The idea of Breakfast was born during a conversation with Hollis Frampton. They were wondering what Wavelength would have looked like if the film had been built on a physical tracking shot rather than on a zoom, when Snow had the idea that the camera, moving forward on its dolly, could have pushed everything in front of it like a snow plough. Breakfast is an application of this idea: the camera moves across a table set for breakfast (with eggs, bread, milk, fruit) upsetting everything and crushing it against the wall in an act of optical devouring.” M.S.

Photography : Michael Snow
Sound : Michael Snow
Editing : Michael Snow
Production : Michael Snow
Distribution : Cinédoc Paris Films Coop