Les États généraux du film documentaire 2007 Doc History : Portugal Belarmino

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Fernando Lopes
1964 - Portugal - Noir & Blanc - 71'

One of the first films of the Portuguese Cinema Novo, Belarmino presents, through the portrait of the former boxing champion Balarmino Fragoso, a depiction of the city of Lisbon and the large wave of immigration that arrived in the sixties. The style of Fernando Lopes, dry images, rough words and strong editing, make this film a “punch in the stomach”.

Photography : Augusto Cabrita
Sound : Heliodoro Pires
Editing : Fernando Lopes
Interpretation : Belarmino Fragoso, Albano Martins, Tony Alonso
Production : Produções Cunha Telles
Distribution : Cinemateca Portuguesa/ANIM (Tél : +351 21 968 94 00, Fax : +351 21 968 94 99)