Les États généraux du film documentaire 2009 Plein air Bandoneon

Sebastian Schindler
2008 - Portugal/Argentine - Couleur - 4'

Bandoneon is the key instrument of tango. In the beginning, tango was a suburban kind of music related to poverty, prostitution and delinquency in total opposition to the bandoneon origins, which is believed to have been formerly used in sacred music and religious events. The bandoneon was invented in Germany around 1840 and one of its first purposes was to be played in churches that could not afford to buy an organ. Around 1900, the bandoneon was brought to Argentina by the great immigration waves and it immediately took its irreplaceable place within the tango orchestras. With an outstanding contribute to the evolution of the tango; the bandoneon is at present the symbol of the Rio de la Plata culture.

Photography : Daniel Ortega
Sound : Marcelo Galuzzo
Editing : Miguel Massenio
Production : Lx Filmes, MagoyaFilms
Distribution : Lx Filmes (lxfilmes@lxfilmes.com, +351 218 650 490)