Les États généraux du film documentaire 2011 An history of production: Nord-Ouest - Les Films du Tambour de Soie Avec nos yeux

Avec nos yeux
Marion Aldighieri

Avec nos yeux by Marion Aldighieri is a film that does not exist! Well yes, not yet, not totally, it is a film in progress, a feature being edited and in search of funding for a possible release in theatres and/or on television if affinities... Avec nos yeux is the logical continuation of the preceding film, Le Champ des signes, produced with GroupeGalactica, Cap Canal and TLSP. This new film can be defined as the portrait of an actress, Emmanuelle Laborit, a wonderful woman, also theatrical director and manager "deaf as a doornail" (so she says herself). Marion, film director, accompanied Emmanuelle, actress, for a period of five years. She filmed for hours and hours, learned sign language to communicate... This magnificent language with its vocabulary, subtleties, accents is Emmanuelle's struggle. It is not only her struggle but her daily commitment, to fight for its defence and recognition... It is this second film in the process of being created that I would like to discuss with Sylvie Randonneix by showing you four selected excerpts.