Les États généraux du film documentaire 2017 Viewing experiences Today, Nothing

Today, Nothing
Christophe Pellet
2017 - France - Couleur - 72'

A loose adaptation of the private diaries of two writers: Cesare Pavese and Jean-Luc Lagarce. Both had a tragic fate: one committed suicide after a romantic disappointment, the other died of AIDS. The film focuses on the echoes between their writings and their lives. It associates the two writers’ texts (appearing in titles) with the daily life of the director. Split in two distinct parts, the film keeps coming back to an animal presence: that of the cat. Sex scenes are associated with this animality, sex holding a central place in the two diaries. Warning: contains explicit scenes which may be offensive to some viewers. Unsuitable for minors.

Photography : Christophe Pellet
Sound : Christophe Pellet
Editing : Laetitia Daleme, Christophe Pellet
Music : The Delano Orchestra
Production : Christophe Pellet, Sedna Films