Les États généraux du film documentaire 2012 Rescreenings Atlantic Produce Togo s.a.

Atlantic Produce Togo s.a.
Penda Houzangbe, Jean-Gabriel Tregoat
2012 - France/Togo - Couleur - 115'

Atlantic Produce Togo is a firm that produces and exports ornamental plants. It is a social reference in Togo thanks to the benefits it guarantees to its employees. In August 2006, the firm is about to go bankrupt, when Tony, a young man from France and Togo, decides to buy it in order to save the ninety jobs. The situation remains precarious, and Tony starts to question some social benefits as he fights for the subsistence of the firm.

Photography : Jean-Gabriel Tregoat
Sound : Penda Houzangbe
Editing : Ael Dallier Vega, Penda Houzangbe
Production : Ardèche Images Productions, Mille et Une Films, World Films
Distribution : Ardèche Images Productions (aiprod@wanadoo.fr, +33 (0)4 75 94 26 16)