Les États généraux du film documentaire 2015 Doc Route: Spain Arraianos

Eloy Enciso Cachafeiro
2012 - Espagne - Couleur - 70'

In this portrait of a small village trapped out of time and located on the Galicia-Portugal border, moments of fiction stand alongside the daily life of the Arraianos, now “actors” playing their own lives. Reality, myths and dreams merge together in this movie freely inspired by the local play O Bosque (The Forest) by Jenaro Marinhas del Valle. A film about time, memory and the musicality of language.

Author : Eloy Enciso Cachafeiro, José Manuel Sande, Mauro Herce, Manuel Muñoz
Photography : Mauro Herce
Sound : César Fernández, Joaquín Pachón
Editing : Manuel Muñoz
Production : Artika Films, Zeitun Films