Les États généraux du film documentaire 2013 Fragment of a filmmaker's work: Barbara Meter Andante Ma Non Troppo

Andante Ma Non Troppo
Barbara Meter
1988 - Pays-Bas - Couleur - 11'

Barbara Meter observes a street corner from a window in her house. Turkish women meet on the sidewalk outside. Children play, dogs walk by. The shots repeat, just as the actions recorded reoccur every day. “[...] Now from the inside looking out. From my window I looked down upon the Turkish women when they fetched their children from the school nearby. The title refers to the musical structure I built in via the repetitions.” (Barbara Meter)

Photography : Barbara Meter
Editing : Barbara Meter
Production : Barbara Meter
Distribution : FilmMuseum Eye (martajurkiewicz@eyefilm.nl, +31 (0)20 7582350)