Les États généraux du film documentaire 2013 Rediffusions And There Was Fire in the Center of the Earth

And There Was Fire in the Center of the Earth ( Und in der Mitte der Erde war Feuer )
Bernhard Hetzenauer
2013 - Autriche/Allemagne/Équateur - Couleur et Noir & Blanc - 78'

Vera Kohn, a Jewish woman of German descent born in Prague in 1912, fled from Czechoslovakia to Latin America in 1939, where she built a new life for herself as a theater actress in Quito, Ecuador. The trauma of losing home stayed with her forever. A severe mental breakdown changed her life. The documentary essay tells the story of various encounters between the Austrian filmmaker and the remarkable ninety-eight years old psychologist and Zen teacher.

Photography : Diego Arteaga, Bernhard Hetzenauer, François Laso
Sound : Patricio Lopez, Pablo Molina
Editing : Bernhard Hetzenauer, Amparo Mejías
Music : Bernhard Hetzenauer
Production : Bernhard Hetzenauer, Hochschulefür bildende Künste Hamburg
Distribution : Bernhard Hetzenauer (bernhard.hetzenauer@gmail.com, +43 650 918 21 21)