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School Trip to Africa ( African Experience )
Laurent Chevallier
2008 - France - Couleur - 94'

As a teenager you have to learn how to be independent, manage your stress, open to the other, and learn about the world. In this documentary, six youngsters, aged between thirteen and fifteen years, will do all this on a tour across Guinea in the company of a renowned local senior jazz band. In their hometown, Marciac, which is located in South-West France and houses a world-renowned jazz festival every year, these youngsters usually take six hours jazz classes at school, which is a unique opportunity in France.

Photography : Laurent Chevallier, Camille Ponsin
Sound : Olivier Schwob
Editing : Matthieu Augustin
Production : Gedeon Programmes
Distribution : Hevadis Films (hevadis2@free.fr, +33 (0)6 07 51 13 98)