Les États généraux du film documentaire 2007 Doc History : Portugal A Revolução de Maio

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A Revolução de Maio
António Lopes
1937 - Portugal - Noir & Blanc - 138'

Eulogy of the New State, the film tells the story of a dangerous agitator, César Valente, returned from exile. He has come home to destabilise the country which is celebrating the tenth anniversary of the revolution of May 28, 1926. But seeing the results of the social and economic transformations of the country, and having met a beautiful young woman, César is overwhelmed by the obvious miracles achieved by the regime. A propaganda film mixing fiction and documentary to convince the spectator of the progress made.

Photography : Manuel Luis, Isy Goldberger
Sound : Paulo Brito
Editing : António Lopes
Interpretation : António Martínez, Maria Clara, Emília de
Production : Secretariado da Propaganda Nacional
Distribution : Cinemateca Portuguesa/ANIM (Tél : +351 21 968 94 00, Fax : +351 21 968 94 99)