Les États généraux du film documentaire 2013 Rediffusions ¡ G.A.R.I !

¡ G.A.R.I !
Nicolas Réglat
2013 - France - Couleur - 83'

Spain, March 1974. The Franco regime sentenced its opponents to death and hundreds of political prisoners were threatened with murder. To prevent the garrotting of five members of the Iberia Liberation Movement, condemned to the maximum penalty, activist groups in Paris and Toulouse united to form a network, the G.A.R.I., Internationalist Group of Revolutionary Action. Fourty years later, the filmmaker, a former activist, took advantage of the period of judicial limitation to interview members of his family and other former members of the G.A.R.I.

Photography : Guillaume Brault
Sound : Cyril Legrains
Editing : Fabien Daguerre
Music : Ernesto Galacho
Production : Le Lokal Production (lelokalprod@gmail.com, +33 (0)561427054)