Les États généraux du film documentaire 2012 Doc History: The Baltic Countries 235 000 000 (235 millions)

235 000 000 (235 millions)
Uldis Brauns, Laima Zurgina, Biruta Veldre
1967 - Lettonie - Noir & Blanc - 108'

From North to South and West to East, Brauns' four camera crews cover the Soviet Union to make this film without commentary and with little dialogue on different facets of the life of the two hundred and thirty five million inhabitants of the USSR. Portrait of an immense country through major and — above all — minor events.

Photography : Ralfs Krūmiņš, Valdis Krogis, Rihards Piks
Sound : Igors Jakovlevs, Janis Ziverts
Production : Rīgas Kinostudija
Distribution : Centre National du Film de Lettonie (zanda.dudina@nfc.gov.lv, +371 67358858)