Les États généraux du film documentaire 2008 Doc Route: Czech Republic — And a detour by Slovakia 1.35

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Milan Balog
2003 - Slovaquie - Noir & Blanc - 8'

Refugee left his country during the sixties because of occupation of Soviet Union in former Czechoslovakia. More than thirty years later he tries to come back and the only way acceptable for him is to send the pack of copies from his private life. Absurd principle of filling of their private relationship is the reflection of our society in general. Photocopies of him collected as puzzle are the only way how to realize imaginary but strait touch.

Photography : Milan Balog
Sound : Milan Balog
Editing : Marek Královský
Production : VŠMU
Distribution : VŠMU (festivals@vsmu.sk, +421 2 5930 3577)