Les États généraux du film documentaire 2011 Doc Route: Italy 120 mt. slm (120 metri sul livello del mare)

120 mt. slm (120 metri sul livello del mare)
Giuseppe Baresi
2002 - Italie - Couleur et Noir & Blanc - 30'

This way, brushing the outlines, I walked around, looking for… where does a city start and where does it end. Milan. From Fulvio Testi Street to Sesto San Giovanni, from Novara Street to Lorenteggio, from the Navigli to Gratosoglio, from the Simplon main road to the upper plain of the river Pô, from the Comasina to Corelli Street, and to Oggiaro district. Milan. I found and filmed shoulder-high, at a distance of nine steps, always with the same 12mm-lens, thirty-nine signs "Milan", seventy-eight doorways: thirty-nine entrances and thirty-nine exits. Milan. Black on white, and a red line across when you leave.

Photography : Giuseppe Baresi
Sound : Giuseppe Baresi
Editing : Giuseppe Baresi
Production : Stilo
Distribution : Giuseppe Baresi (giuseppe.baresi@fastwebnet.it)