( Performing the Museum as a Common and the Common as a Museum )

Stefanos Mondelos
2016 - 65 min - HD - Couleur - Grèce

English summary
On 2014, 30th of June more than 80 artists, curators, activists, researchers, scholars and citizens gathered for one week at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina in Novi Sad, to perform the museum as a common. The event was named FACK MSUV as a combination of the name of the initiative/art platform that launched the event (FACK) and the name of the museum (MSUV).
The aim of the event was the temporary "liberation" of the museum, making it open and freely accessible for use for both local and international (art) community without classical institutional filtering and control "from the top down".
The documentary presents the proceedings and happenings of this event and attempts to question or re-evaluate the participants’ experience. Can a performance of a museum as a common "be transformed and experienced as a performance of the common as a museum"?

Auteur-Réalisateur : Stefanos Mondelos
Image : Stefanos Mondelos
Montage : Stefanos Mondelos
Musique originale : Samo Kutin, Ana Kravanja, Tomaz Grom, Vid Drasler, Jost Drasler, Marko Karlovcec, Zavod Sploh
Producteur délégué : Stefanos Mondelos


Distributeur : Stefanos Mondelos
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