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Et personne n'a rien dit
Antoine Chesné
2013 - 82 min - DV - Couleur - France, Mali

Mali republic was considered by the international community as an example of democracy in Africa. This perception radically changed during year 2012.
In January, several armed groups attack the cities of the North. In front of the incapacity of the army to defend the territory, in March after the putsch, it is all the political system which falls over for a period of transition.
Further to the counter putsch failure at the end of April, a radio speaker recognized for the integrity of its thought, Amidou Diarra called "Dragon" takes the south roads to expose to the populations the facts. During three weeks he speaks for a long time using bambara language, in the radios of closeness, in the language where resound the cultures before colonial period.
Through its words and the spontaneous reactions of persons crossed at the emission,issue, twenty years of democracy lose of their haughtiness. It's a whole system of diversion of the powers in the service of personal interests which was in place: questionable elections, forgeries of the land registries and abduction of the army budget.
Mali lives a crisis which will contribute to its training and the passion more than the reason, leads the reflections. A not knowed representation takes shape: the idea that the Malian people built of his nation.


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