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Engel Lund (1900-1996), singer of world folk songs
Frank Ponzi
1998 - 52 min - Vidéo - Couleur - Islande

This documentary on Engel Lund spans her life from birth on Bastille Day until her death in Reykjavik (1900-1996). It tells how she began her career of presenting folk songs of many nations which she sang in their original languages. Impeccably singing in 17 different languages, Engel performed with her friend and accompanist Ferdinand Rauter in most of Europe's major cities and in the USA.
Her repertoire always consisted of some Icelandic and Yiddish songs, even in Hamburg, in 1938, where half the audience were Nazis. She once gave a private performance for Freud in his home in Vienna.

Author-Director : Frank Ponzi
Delegate Producer : Saga film


Distributor : Saga film