Nathalie Mars
2013 - 50 min - DV - Couleur et Noir & blanc - France

In 1945, Eva and Hélène, my two great-aunts, came back from Auschwitz. Alone, I retraced their footsteps : my family story. A part of my own story, too. I became the narrator. The personal diary.
The thought that wonders about places, memory, and bonds. An emotional story in which testimonies, VHS and super 8 images, archives and a fantasized and shattered vision of Auschwitz are all mixed and jostle together along with images of life going on. Just because it has to go on…

Author-Director : Nathalie Mars
Photography : Nathalie Mars
Sound : Nathalie Mars
Editing : Éric Dazin, Nathalie Mars
Delegate Producer : Néréval Productions


Distributor : Néréval Productions
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