Deposition in Two Acts
( Deposizione in due atti )

Carlo Michele Schirinzi
2014 - 15 min - Couleur - Italie

English summary
Virgin wheat like a prologue in two acts broken by Artaud’s words: "Why does a man fight outside? Because inside, it is his anatomy to make him war". Distant faces flake from the walls of the 15th-century church of Santo Stefano in Soleto, in the province of Lecce, while violence overflows from the framing. Now their eyelids spread the intimacy of the former mill Coratelli & Imparato, in Corigliano d’Otranto, with a subjective shot that dilutes the forms levelling them into a precious shroud. ("…I was neither dead nor destroyed, but somewhere in the body"): from Vermeer to Bacon, a landscape lost into a darkroom where the eye disappears among veins and arteries of a body enable to exhumation.


Distributeur : Cooperativa Kama


2014 - Torino Film Festival (TFF), Turin (Italie) : Sélection