Correspondance : José Luis Guerin et Jonas Mekas
José Luis Guerín, Jonas Mekas
2011 - 96 min - Couleur - Espagne, États-Unis

"Following Abbas Kiarostami and Victor Erice, the Barcelona CCCB repeated the experience with this correspondence between Jonas Mekas and José-Luis Guerin through video missives. Both of them travel, work at home, reflect on their practice and the world around them in relation to their shared obsession with filming. What comes out is admiration and respect, Europe and the United States, springtime here and there, gravity and joie de vivre. Interlinked self-portraits which are presented in images and sounds, and resolutely aimed at everybody. "
(Jean-Pierre Rehm, FID Marseille 2011)

Author-Director : José Luis Guerín, Jonas Mekas
Delegate Producer : CCCB (Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona)
Co-producer : UNAM filmoteca
Co-producer : Casa Encendida
Co-producer : Jonas Mekas films