Zoé Thiburs
2020 - 35 min - Video Full HD - Couleur - France

Is Korea's ecological awareness more developed than ours because of this country's technological advances? Here I present you my journey through this country, on its tarred roads but also on its dirt ones that are struggling to resist.
So as not to get lost in the vast subject of ecology, I present it to you through the prism of food: from agriculture to sale, to (over)consumption. We will also take a few small detours and diverge a little from the subject to breathe the fresh air of the mountains and the sea. We will meet young adults, a farmer, a Buddhist nun but also foreign expatriates, all with more or less divergent views on South Korean ecology.
In today's modern and lively Korea, where does ecology fit in?

Author-Director : Zoé Thiburs
Photography : Zoé Thiburs
Sound : Zoé Thiburs
Editing : Zoé Thiburs
Original Music : Denis Krhajac
Delegate Producer : Zoé Thiburs
Contribution : Région Normandie, Fondation Zellidja


Distributor : Zoé Thiburs
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