Stick to the Wind
Louise Legaye
2017 - 45 min - Video Full HD - Couleur - France

Yves, who would like to retire, was considering to leave the farm to Joel, who was their apprentice. But the air is now too toxic for the bees. Moreover, the farm burned two years ago, with Yves and Jane's house.
Facing this difficult situation, Jane, Yves, Joël and Marie, his girlfriend, don't want to give up. Jane and Yves are rebuilding the house; Joel and Marie are taking care of their kitchen garden and of their village.
There is sun. The are trees. The goats down there, the dog teasing them, the bees, a nuthatch flitting in the honey house. Jane closes her eyes, faces the sun and says with her strong Australian accent: "We're good here!".
Yves and Jane are lucid, but never pathetic. That's what brought me to them, a philosophy that touches me: When you no longer know how to fight, you look at the top of the trees, which move in the wind. And if you like it, you let yourself be carried by the wind, while sticking to it very strongly, to avoid to fall.