Marion Verlé, Jeanne Nouchi
2016 - 52 min - Video Full HD - Couleur - France

Throughout the year, the Medrano circus company travels through France.
In the wings, Sarah, the American tiger tamer, is ready to go on stage. Single, she brings up her son alone and seems to have let go the idea of living with someone. In the kitchen, «Mama» prepares the food while thinking of her family who stayed in Romania. Jora, a Bulgarian man in charge of water supply, makes the most of his spare time to call his wife, whom he sees just once a year. Kamal, a Moroccan artist talks on skype with his girlfriend that he met in France. He'd like her to come and live with him in the circus. Hassan, the Tanzanian contortionist falls into loneliness and sadness a bit more every day.
Their wanderings reveal the frictions between a financially demanding entertainment world and workers often driven by the idea of a better life.

Author-Director : Marion Verlé, Jeanne Nouchi
Photography : Betty Lachguer, Marion Verlé, Cédric Davelut
Sound : Jeanne Nouchi
Editing : Mélanie Brun
Original Music : Fabian Saul
Delegate Producer : Wendigo Films
Broadcasting Co-producer : Vosges Télévision Images Plus
Contribution : Procirep, Angoa-Agicoa, CNC. Aide au développement


Distributor : Wendigo Films
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