Basque Chronicle
Marie-Paule Jeunehomme
2012 - 53 min - HD - Couleur - France

Threatened with death by ETA, Aritz Arrieta lives under the constant protection of his two bodyguards. Councilor in Mondragon, one of the strongholds of radical Basque nationalism, Aritz running for mayor in the municipal elections of May 2011.
"Basque chronicle" plunges us into the life of the young socialist elected and confronts us with a society marked by more than 40 years of terrorism.
In October 2011, ETA renounced its "armed activities", without having yet surrendered. While the terrorist organization still has not disappeared, this film traces the outline of the challenges facing the Basque society of tomorrow: the victims of terrorism and the delegitimation of violence.


Distributor : CVB (Centre vidéo de Bruxelles)
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