Chicago Improvisations
Laurence Petit-Jouvet
2001 - 83 min - Beta numérique - Couleur - France

"Chicago Improvisations" is a music film made on the occasion of the 2000 Empty Bottle Festival of Jazz and Improvised Music: German bassplayer Peter Kowald documented live in trios with Floros Floridis & Günter "Baby" Sommer; Hamid Drake & Fred Anderson; in duo with Ken Vandermark and as a bass-soloist. In interviews the musicians talk about their history, their music and their visions of Improvised Music.

Author-Director : Laurence Petit-Jouvet
Photography : Laurence Petit-Jouvet, Franck Rabel, Mirko Popadic
Sound : John Mac Cortney
Editing : Laurence Petit-Jouvet
Delegate Producer : MC4 Production
Broadcasting Co-producer : MCM Classique Jazz-Muzzik


Distributor : MC4 Production
DVD Editing : Rogueart