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Cheval, miroir de l'homme
Sylvie Le Breton
1995 - 52 min - Vidéo - Couleur - France

In "Cheval, miroir de l'homme" you will hear Yves Saint-Martin talk about love and vibrations... and not about his 15 "cravaches d'or". You will hear Mario Luraschi (stunt man in many films), talk about tolerance and respect... and not about dressage or virtuoso film-making. You will hear Michel Robert (medal winner at Seoul) ask the riders to forget they are "men" and listen to their horses...
In "Cheval, miroir de l'homme" people testify and the horse plays its role as an educator of men. The role it has played for thousands of years.

Author-Director : Sylvie Le Breton
Delegate Producer : Écran total


Distributor : Nep TV