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Changer le monde (2) : la vie Série-Collection : Thema : Mai 68, trente ans après

Annie Chevallay
1998 - 25 min - France

In May 68, a sort of wind of freedom blew through the country, women took front stage : they fought with determination for their emancipation and recognition of their rights. Abortion and contraception, free and on demand, were the watchwords chanted during the manifestations of the Women’s Liberation Movement. This led to the passing of the Veil law, which authorised abortion in France. As for homosexuals, they claimed their right to be different with the FHAR.
The arrival of nuclear power in Europe also raised confrontations that were precursors of political ecology, the Greens... Some of them, like Rony Brauman, Bernard Kouchner and Xavier Emmanuelli, thought that "the fight is elsewhere", and chose humanitarian action in the Third World. Later, this fight came back to Europe, as a "Fourth World" appeared on the pavements of our towns. Exclusion is getting worse : the generation of 68 are back...

Author-Director : Annie Chevallay
Delegate Producer : On line productions
Broadcasting Co-producer : La Sept ARTE


Distributor : On line productions