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Buenaventura Durruti, anarchiste
Jean-Louis Comolli
1999 - 110 min - Betacam SP - France, Espagne

Once upon a time... in Catalonia... not so very long ago... Thus begins this story, like a chanson de geste, the romancero of Durruti, called forth, sketched out, played up, carried by-each in their own way-a street performer and some theater actors...
Durruti. A Spanish anarchist. 1896-1936. An unimaginable life ? Unimaginable today. A life from then. It must be told to be believed. You have to read Abel Paz, his biographer.
Who among us can imagine the real power of the million and some members of the CNT, the anrcho-syndicalist federation ? Towns and villages where libertarian communism was experimented with in real life ? The strikes, the insurrections, the street battles, the uprisings that made the 1920s and 1930s in Spain a time, if not of revolution at least of permanent upheaval ? Revolutionary gymnastics, said Durruti.

Author-Director : Jean-Louis Comolli
Author : Ginette Lavigne
Delegate Producer : Ina (Institut National de l'Audiovisuel)
Co-producer : Mallerich audiovisual
Broadcasting Co-producer : La Sept ARTE
Broadcasting Co-producer : TVE S.A. (Espagne)


Distributor : Colifilms Diffusion


2000 - ACID (Association du Cinéma Indépendant pour sa Diffusion), Cannes (France) : Programmation ACID 2000