Basja underground
Julien Doigny
2015 - 21 min - super 8 - Couleur - Belgique

I’ve seen these children growing up. They’re now teenagers. Typically from Brussels, they speak both Dutch and French. They’re about to build up the future of this city –they’re probably already building it.
I’ve found my fate through this intriguing city. I love these kids so much; they’ve helped me to keep on living. Now I’m going my own way ; I’m now a father and I’m about to own some estate in this city. Though, I’ve never been so divested of what’s surrounding me now.
I am the forever teenager who will never let his eternal youthful enthusiasm die and I am looking for responses towards my pre-teenage dreams. I’m accompanying the kids through their movements in the city – the very voyage made of paths and wanderings might enlighten my own inner journey, such as an initiatory quest.

Author-Director : Julien Doigny
Photography : Benoît Richard
Sound : Julien Doigny, Pauline Piris-Nury
Editing : Pauline Piris-Nury
Original Music : Benoît Richard
Delegate Producer : AJC (Atelier Jeunes Cinéastes)


Distributor : AJC (Atelier Jeunes Cinéastes)
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