Avec nos yeux
Marion Aldighieri
2013 - 90 min - Couleur - France

This chronicle, filmed over several years, follows the International Visual Theatre’s battle to build its home in the heart of Paris. Emmanuelle Laborit, a passionate and internationally known actress, leads this company of deaf actors to the forefront of the Parisian stage. In defense of sign language, which was banned for almost a century in France and other European countries, her company adapts and performs an eclectic repertoire ranging from the national anthem to King Lear. The film reveals their tireless efforts to be recognized as citizens and artists, and describes a human adventure that transcends differences.

Author-Director : Marion Aldighieri
Delegate Producer : Les Films du Tambour de Soie
Co-producer : Groupe Galactica


Distributor : Les Films du Tambour de Soie
Not commercial Distribution : ADAV