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Autoportraits de l'autre
De Belgique en Palestine
Gérard Preszow
2008 - 48 min - DV Cam - Couleur - Belgique

“Masarat” means “road” or “course” in Arabic. It is the name of a cultural festival dedicated to Palestine in the French community of Belgium during autumn 2008. It is also the road taken by the director, Gérard Preszow, which brings him from Belgium to Palestine, along with his Brussels Jewishness.
An exacerbated land of identity issues, Palestine forces everyone to define themselves. Clichés, stereotypes, claimed identities, designated identities, etc. Is the Palestine tragedy faced with Belgian futility? Or, more simply put, in one case or another, the transformation of an identity tension turns into the possibility of listening and sharing.


Distributor : CVB (Centre vidéo de Bruxelles)
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