Marlies Poeschl
2019 - 20 min - Vidéo 2K - Couleur - France, Autriche

Aurore is a voice without a body, she lives in a crack, resides on the interface. At a retirement home in the south of Paris, she’s engaged to keep people company. Technically though, she can work in many places at once. Wherever Aurore appears, she brings warmth to the dim rooms, a slight glow to people’s eyes, as if taking away the weight of the every day. She’s there for the people, she really cares for the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Fatigue is foreign to her.
Playing with the aesthetic codes of three genres – documentary, corporate and experimental film – and loosely structured in 3 chapters, "Aurore" investigates the affective dimensions of those genres.
This semi-documentary science-fiction about the future of care and the automatisation of affect has been developed in the context of a collaborative project that Marlies Pöschl undertook during her artist residency at CAC Brétigny, Paris. All the elements that appear in this film have been created in collaboration with the participants: primary school children, high school students and seniors.
The second part of the film is a collaboration between Pöschl, composer Peter Kutin and vocal artist Agnes Hvizdalek. "Aurore" is thus an attempt to write science fiction differently: in dialogue, in vernacular.

Author-Director : Marlies Poeschl
Photography : Victor Zébo
Sound : Gael Eleon
Editing : Marlies Poeschl
Delegate Producer : Nuit blanche productions


Distributor : Marlies Poeschl