Closed To Her
Chiara Giordano, Benjamin Durand
2021 - 52 min - Video Full HD - Couleur - Belgique

It is not just a "job", it’s… a work with her, because she doesn’t like that I call it a “job”, she likes that I’m involved in the family.
Meliza is from the Philippines, Noêmia from Brazil, Petrica from Romania. They share the daily life with older people who can no longer stay alone. They look after them, help them, talk to them. They wash them, dress them, feed them. They cook and clean.
Day and night, they comfort them with essential gestures and simple words. Them, whose family is away and whose loneliness and sickness bring close to death. Sometimes she asks me: who are you? Meliza, Noêmia and Petrica are the ones who stay there, close to them, all the time.

Author-Director : Chiara Giordano, Benjamin Durand
Photography : Benjamin Durand
Sound : Jean-Noël Boissé, Maxime Thomas
Editing : Pauline Piris-Nury
Delegate Producer : Gsara


Distributor : Gsara