Atlantic Produce Togo S.A.
Penda Houzangbe, Jean-Gabriel Tregoat
2011 - 115 min - HD - Couleur - France, Togo

Atlantic Produce Togo is a company of the Togolese Free Zone that produces and exports ornamental plant cuttings. Because it guarantees certain benefits to its 90 employees, it is considered a social model in Togo. But after 30 years, Altantic Produce is on the brink of bankruptcy. Tony, a young French-Togolese, decides to buy the company to save the social model.
But Altantic Produce's situation remains precarious. Between his financial problems and the pressure of his European customers, Tony has more and more difficulties to guarantee the social perks.


Distributor : Ardèche images production
Not commercial Distribution : ADAV
DVD Editing : Doc Net Films
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2012 - États généraux du film documentaire, Lussas (France) : Sélection