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At the End of the Meadow
( Am Ende der Wiese )

Ariane Schröder, Michael Kranz, Pauline Roenneberg
2010 - 55 min - Couleur - Allemagne

At the end of the meadow…
… the world looks completely different. Surrounded by self made scrap figures, colourful lights, lovingly collected oddities and own inventions, there lives the white-bearded “Count” Robert Bachinger with his dog Bambulina in a little circus wagon.
During the daytime he chugs through the villages on his little tractor and collects scrap, at night he sits alone on his little island, plays the guitar and sings his songs. They are about people, animals, pain and happiness, about liberty and loneliness.
Cause, when the grass is high, in late summer, he gets itchy feet and he wants to go out into the great, wide world. But there is Bambulina, he doesn’t wont to leave behind, and suddenly there is someone else, who needs him…