Around The World When You Were My Age
( A volta ao mundo quando tinas 30 anos )

Aya Koretzky
2018 - 111 min - Film 16 mm - Couleur - Portugal

English summary
The portrait of a father through his daughter’s point of view. A photo album of a journey in the 1970’s from Japan around the world. Father’s and daughter’s dialogue about the memories of the old images and words, sharing the desire to bring them to the present time.

Auteur-Réalisateur : Aya Koretzky
Image : Aya Koretzky
Son : Miguel Clara Vasconcelos
Montage : Tomas Baltazar
Producteur délégué : C.R.I.M. Productions


Distributeur : C.R.I.M. Productions


2018 - Doclisboa - Festival Internacional de Cinema Documental, Lisbonne (Portugal) : Sélection
2018 - International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR), Rotterdam (Pays-Bas) : Sélection