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Günter Schwaiger
2009 - 108 min - HD - Couleur - Autriche, Espagne

Following the difficult struggle of some young apprentices brings the spectator into contact with all the facets of the bullfighting world, travelling with them through Spain, France, Portugal and Colombia, we meet pupils and maestros from the bullfighting schools, banderilleros, bullfighting manager, impresarios and indeed the great figures like Luis Bolívar, Uceda Leal, Sebastién Castella, Morante de la Puebla or José Tomás.
Thus “Arena” enables us to discover in depth the complexity of this singular cultural phenomenon and opens the debate whereas the art of bullfighting gives at the end more dignity to the death of the bull considering the hypocrisy of modern meat eaters…

Author-Director : Günter Schwaiger
Photography : Günter Schwaiger
Sound : Miguel Rejas
Editing : Pablo Plant, Günter Schwaiger
Delegate Producer : Günter Schwaiger Film Produktion
Co-producer : Mosolov-p


Distributor : Films Distribution
Not commercial Distribution : ADAV